Did you ever get pierced and think,”wow this looks really easy, I bet I could do this!!
With our body piercing courses you can!

We give you all the knowledge you need to become a confident piercer.
Our courses run for 2 days and those 2 days are jam packed with information. We don’t just teach you how to use a needle, (believe it or not, that’s the easy part of piercing).


Here’s a brief synopsis of what we do teach you

We teach you all about the hygiene side of things, cross contamination,
piercing placement (this plays such a big part on whether your piercing will be successful or not)
Which needle to use for each piercing, jewelry sizing, aftercare.
Troubleshooting and how do deal with any problems that arise after the piercing. We also provide some hands on piercing as well as synthetic body parts.

We give you our 24 years of experience and knowledge
Body piercing courses cost £400 with a max of 5 students per class