I am the proud owner of Living Art Tattoos and Training College.

Hi , I’m Buddy, proud owner of Living Art Tattoos, Limerick City’s first and longest standing tattoo studio since 1991,so  here’s a little bit of our history,, I was a motorcycle courier in London in the late 80’s, during this time I had started to get tattoos of my own and developed a strong interest in tattooing and from there I decided that this was the career for me, but little did I know how difficult an industry this was to get into.

I spent a couple of years trying to get someone to help me and remember there was no internet back then and definitely no tattoo courses just traditional tattoo apprenticeships,which lets face it, anyone that has tried to get a tattoo apprenticeship will tell you they are like gold dust,nothing much has changed here since i started tattooing. Hope was fading about ever becoming a tattooist at this point,during the summer of 1990 I popped up to Sheffield to visit a friend of mine,it was this exact point and time that my luck changed as i came across Steel City Tattoo Studio,and met Dave the owner.

I decided to get a tattoo from Dave and told him of how difficult I was finding it to break into the Tattoo business,he then offered to  help me by letting me hang around his shop for a few days to gain the much needed guidance (I probably over stayed my welcome) but I was determined to become a tattooist and made many visits back to Dave’s shop.

I brought tattooing to Limerick, opening Limerick City’s first tattoo studio. Since our doors opened in 1991 the business has flourished, having a steady flow of clients , generations of families from Ireland and worldwide have come through Living Art’s door, making us one of Limerick City’s busiest studios. I have trained many of Limerick’s tattooists during my career, thus sending me on the path of the tattoo courses that I have been teaching in Ireland since 2001 and from 2018 all our tattoo and piercing courses will be held in London…Back to where it all began.

I love the challenges that tattooing gives me, it’s an ever evolving business that forces you to always be top of your game.I enjoy all styles of tattooing and I particularly enjoy the challenges of cover ups, turning a tattoo that you no longer love into your new favourite tattoo! I also have a great understanding of nervous clients and have the ability to put them at ease.